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    All Natural Keep the Flies Away spray

    Fly Spray

    • old spray bottle (mine is an old fly spray bottle from the tack store)
    • cider vinegar
    • water
    • 10 drops tea tree oil
    • 15 drops lavender essential oil
    • 20 drops vegetable glycerin

    Fill the bottle 2/3rds full with vinegar, fill the rest of the way with water. Add the essential oils and glycerin. The glycerin helps the oil mix with the vinegar and water.
    Shake well before using.
    Be careful not to get this in their eyes or other sensitive spots. For those areas I spray the mix in my hand and rub it around the area.
    This recipe works well on the horses, the dog and us.

    Fly repellent for wounds & around bandages
    1 Tbl. tea tree oil
    3/4 cup distilled or sterile water
    spray the area. Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic and natural insect repellent.

    Ear Salve
    Speaking of ears, you know that white crusty stuff that forms in the horses’ ears during the summer? This is a reaction to the nasty fly bites. A fly mask with ear protection will avoid this. But in case you missed using the mask one day or a pesky field mate (* I won’t mention who does that all the time.) tore it off and dropped it some where down in the lower field, this will help.

    • 1 Tbl. tea tree oil
    • 4 tbl. shea butter
    • 2 tbl. bees wax

    Melt the bees wax carefully in the microwave, stir in the shea butter and melt again. Let cool a bit and stir in tea tree oil. Pour into a clean container. Coat the inside of the ear with a thin layer ever other day or so. The ears will clear right up and this also keeps the flys away.

    Do not put too much in as it may drip into the ear canal when it is warmed. A thin layer is all that is needed.

    And finally encourage your neighbors to practice good fly control if they have animals too.

    Natural Fly Repellent Lizzy Lane Farm

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    Fly Predators

    When you stop and think of all the things you bought last summer to help with flies it probably added up to real money and a lot of effort. And did it work well?

    This year why not fix the problem at its source rather than just treat the symptoms. Try Fly Predators® brand beneficial insects.

    They’re the safe, easy to use alternative to spraying gallons of pesticide, hanging dozens of stinky traps or putting up acres of sticky strips only to have the flies just keep coming back. And they keep coming back because all those things only affect the adult fly stage ignoring the 90% yet to emerge. So rather than doing what you did last year, and having the same fly problem this year, break the cycle with Fly Predators. You’ll have less flies for sure and probably spend less too.

    My family started using Fly Predators 36 years ago with our horses and our fly problem literally disappeared. So we started offering them to others and over the past 35 years hundreds of thousands of horse owners have relied on them. The vast majority with great results as you can see from the quotes in this catalog.

    Once someone tries Fly Predators for at least three shipments, most typically use them for as long as they have their animals. They really do work. You can see thousands of customer comments including those nearest to you by clicking here.

    Perhaps you’re skeptical that something as easy as sprinkling a small, inexpensive pouch of Fly Predators around your place every three to four weeks during warm weather could really work. You’re not alone, but last year tens of thousands of new customers ordered Fly Predators and most were delighted they "finally" tried them. This year why don’t you?

    You see Fly Predators are perhaps nature’s original fly control. You almost certainly have some of the species that are included in our Fly Predator brand beneficial insects already working for you on your property. They’re part of the reason you aren’t literally knee deep in flies. You may have way too many flies, but without these good bugs, it would be far worse. By simply increasing the ratio of Fly Predators to pest flies, you can almost completely suppress the flies. There’s no downside as the Fly Predators do not bother either people or animals.

    Will Fly Predators control every locations’s fly problem? They can do a great job most places, except if you are closely surrounded by animals with poor fly control. In that case you’ll see less flies by stopping the breeding on your property, but you’ll still have those coming from neighbors, (Tip: tell the neighbors about Fly Predators.) Wouldn’t it be nice to see how great summer could be with hardly a fly? If so, I urge you to try Fly Predators. Your animals will thank you too.

    Tom Spalding
    -Chief Fly Guy

    Fly Control for Horses - Fly Control by Spalding Labs

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