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    Cool Advice for bumps on back?

    Has anyone has had an issue with their dog having pimple like bumps on its back, (they are not red) almost same color of skin. I would appreciate the advice.

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    OP, I moved your question here. You'll get more answers in this section! Post pictures of what you're describing if you can.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kady05 View Post
    OP, I moved your question here. You'll get more answers in this section! Post pictures of what you're describing if you can.
    Thanks kady

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    They're called pustules if they can pop and when they do they have pus in them.
    Yes, Onyx gets them throughout the yr and I have no idea what causes them.
    It's usually in the fall/winter months and it makes her look like hell.
    I'm sorry, I have no advice because I have no idea what causes them to come and go.
    At first I thought maybe they were from flea bites... but I'm pretty sure that's not the case.

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    A vet.

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    Looks like staph to me.

    Do they crust over, the hair fall out after a while and leave little bald spots (where the hair does grow back in?)

    It does not look bad from the pics.

    I would NOT do antibiotics for a minor issue like this.

    Wait and see if the dog will fight this off on it's own.

    As Blaze pointed out, some dogs get these at certain times of the year...

    How old is the dog?

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    No hair loss, seems one crusted over. There is no head on them to pop, I read about maybe an allergic reaction. He is an inside dog, and he will be 2 in August. This is the first time these bumps popped up

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    Hey also does not seem to be bothered by them. No scratching, or anything. He acts normal, happy...plays with my dobe as usual. Even when I look at them, touch them or try to squeeze, it's like he acts "what are you doing" like nothing.

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    You do not want to try to pop them though.

    Onyx even has had the one's that crust over... hair loss... all that.

    She's had so many issues that the vet. only wanted to manage it with prednisone and other steroids because we can't afford the allergy testing, etc.
    We eventually said F that noise and just got her a good medicated shampoo called KetoSeb + PS that another member on here mentioned (maybe it was Lilianalove?). We started off doing it every 4 days, then once a wk, then once every 2wks and now do once a month a couple days before we give their monthly flea preventatives.
    Hopefully it'll help keep the majority of her yearly skin problems down.... so far so good and she's barely itchy since we've been doing this :)

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    We used KetoChlor (we weren't dealing with a seborrheic dermatitis, we were dealing with yeast in the feet).

    Due to her staph allergy, she gets bathed in chlorhex; but don't do this unless your vet tells you to.

    For reference, here's Lily's story:
    Foot infection (August 18th 2011)

    Hives appeared on August 27th 2011

    This is what it looked like on September 11, 2011

    I just wanted to give context to what I've dealt with.

    This continued for months; she was on baytril as an antibiotic and was weaned off of it and put on staphage lysate injections.

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    Jada gets bumps like that on her back during spring and summer from what we suspect is a gr$#@! allergy because they always seem to really show up when she rolls in the gr$#@!. We use non-allergenic shampoo for her which seems to help with the bumps and itching.

  13. My Pittie gets the same bumps as LilianaLove but 50% less and only from the back of his neck down with a light pink rash on the belly. I've been fortunate they go 100% away after giving him 2 mg of Benadryl per pound.

    The vet has me giving him 1 mg per pound of Benadryl on a daily basis but I don't. It really knocks him out and he would sleep all day. That said, I only give it to him as needed which has only been a few time in the last 12 months.

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