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    Shelter Dog

    I wanted to share this boy because I ended up adoring him.
    I named him Kovu, he's a awesome dog. He seems to have been heavily reinforced for jumping and other demanding behaviors. But he improved so much after this first session. He's wants to work with you, he wants to interact with you, he's very aware of your presence, but not in a clingy way.(change direction, he changes with you. He also does random "check ins" while walking.) Seeks out human attention, focused, motivated, started to catch onto shaping quickly, confident, overall a nice boy.
    Also retrieves, sloppy puppy retrieve, but still wants to bring it back.

    He's a Pit Bull .. in a shelter.. need I say more to explain why I'm worried about him and want to expose him?
    Happy boy too

    Apparently I wanted my leash

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    Very cute. I love the markings on his face

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    awww, adorable, love the markings, hope he finds a home fast

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    wow...he is the facial markings.

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    OHMYGAWD. That eye contact...

    Post him on my FB, I'll spread the word!

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    Isn't he stunning? <3 Thanks everyone! If anyone else would like to share, pictures and a short bio are up on my FB page.

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