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Thread: Cali only :)

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    Cali only :)

    some pictures of my gurl, bear will have his own thread soon

    mom, its right there!

    mom you hear me?

    she can make some weird faces lol

    focused on gettin the rag on the flirt pole

    she got it

    pretty good pic considerin i was usin one hand to take the pic the other using the flirt pole :)

    ok this came out weird, shes not really long legged LOL

    again her face looks weird here

    its getting warmer everyday an she workin out everyday, i think she looks pretty darn good

    got shoulders? she got em

    loves her new toy she broke in less then 20 sec

    showin off her toy

    thanks for looking

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    Beautiful Northwest!
    She's so pretty! You know I LOVE her!! :D

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    thank you :) she is loveabull LOL

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    She really is a gorgeous girl! and I try to get good shots while flirt poling, and it sooo doesn't work

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    ya its harder then it seems, but i am proud how it came out :D i have my aunt over so she will be my flirt poler hehe

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    that last pic is amazing <3

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    thank you lol funny thats the last shot i got before my caamera needed charging

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