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    Question Please help with "Athletic Heart Syndrome"

    I have a blue nose pitbull female (rescue) named Jada... Jada gets LOTS and LOTS of exercise, as we run her regularly in a 5 acre field, as well as swimming and dog parks, etc...

    About 6 months ago, Jada started to have this intermittent cough - where she would cough anywhere from 1 to 5 times a day. It really started to raise an eyebrow with me... No specific time or conditions would make her cough (i.e. excitement, moving, etc) - the cough would happen randomly... KEnnel cough was ruled out...

    Took her for x-rays to diagnose the preliminary problem - to which we found an abnormally large heart.

    Upon exploring after X-Rays we took her for an UltraSound to better see inside the heart... the Dr. told me through his findings that (although not 100% convincing) Jada seems to have what is clinically referred to as "Athletic Heart Syndrome" - although she DOESN'T have a heart murmur. Also, the Dr. wasn't 100% sure that CardioMyopathy could be ruled out; however, he was leaning toward this Athletic Heart Syndrome as a diagnosis. He explained that the enlarged heart is pressing agains her breathing organs, bronchial tubes, etc, causing her to cough like this...

    Im really worried. Im supposed to bring her in in 9 months for another UltraSound and go from there - depending on the size of the heart at that time...

    Anyone out there in "bully" world have any experience with "Athletic Heart Syndrome?"

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    Sorry to hear about your pups heath! i dont know anything about "Athletic Heart syndrome" so i can't welp you with that, maybe someone hear can. but welcome to pbc and good luck!

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