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Thread: Broke a tooth

  1. Broke a tooth

    Last week Cairo, broke the tip off of the first top molar on a nylabone.:(

    We took him to the vet,and the tooth will have to get extracted..(wonderful way to spend $500.00) Now wondering what is a good alternative for him to chew on.

  2. i buy the raw hide bones that come in a 30pack that are 10in lengths. the diameter of the bone is probably a 1/2in in diameter. its not too thick of a bone at all and the dogs usually finish it within 3-5 minutes. the thicker bones puts too much unneeded stress on the dogs teeth.

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    Raw bones are good.
    Rawhide isn't good for your dog. Like once in awhile maybe. But it's really not good for them.
    Bully sticks! My dogs love them!

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    I stay far FAR away from rawhide. I've had my dog get a piece caught in his throat and also had him vomit it all up. It's not natural and definitely not digestible.

    My dog chews bully sticks and deer antlers.

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    The only thing I have given her and will ever give her, to chew on, are raw bones (as she's raw fed). A good amount of members do enjoy deer antlers for recreational chewing as well.

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    I think it's more of a matter of how your dog is chomping rather than chewing.
    Our dogs have learned that they get yelled at or their bone taken away when they choose to chomp instead of chew.

    And would it be an issue if your dog kept the tooth?
    Most vets would rather let a dog keep a bad tooth than to sedate them just to extract it.... then the next time the dog needs sedated for something else more important, to just combine in the tooth extraction.

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    Ours are chewing on the galileo nylabones and black ring goughnuts at the moment.
    Deer antlers are good... but your dog is just as likely to chip a tooth on that as they are a nylabone.
    So I guess the goughnut would be a good option for your case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blaze N' Pits View Post
    I think it's more of a matter of how your dog is chomping rather than chewing.
    Very good point..

  8. Just a side note, dogs are not able to digest rawhide all that well, which is why it causes so many issues

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    I like bully sticks! The dogs are insane about them

  10. Thanks for all the replys. The reason the tooth is getting extrated, is because he broken it back to where you can see the inside of the tooth. I agree, rawhides are NO good. I have never,and will next let them chew rawhides!

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    Ouch :(

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