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  1. Newly rescued dog won't stop peeing and pooping in house when we leave


    My fiance and I adopted a female pit from a shelter 1 month ago. She is great, and will never go to the bathroom in the house while we are home, nor does she go at night...but if we leave the house for any period of time longer than an hour or so...we come back to pee and poop , even if she had just gone out right before we left. She seems to know she did something very bad...because as soon as we see it she cowers and acts timid/scared and crawls up to us..but she won't stop! How do we reverse this behavior? I have read she is likely doing it because of seperation anxiety...we give her many toys (busy buddy, kong, etc) to keep her busy!

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    She doesn't know she did bad, she just knows that you're angry with her when you come home.

    The best thing to do is crate her when you're gone until you can retrain her to not potty in the house. It is quite possible that she will just need to be crated when you leave. I would love to leave our boy out, he does great in the house while someone is there and at night, just like your girl. If we leave him alone though he will destroy things so he always gets crated with his kong. He doesn't mind as he sleeps all the time anyhow and it keeps him from getting into things.

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    she does not know she did anything bad and use a crate my friend it will help

  4. yep, use a crate. And start working to desensitize her to you leaving. Does she freak out when you actually leave or is she ok and then does this later? If she's freaking out as you leave then you need to work with her on her anxiety issues by desensitizing to all the signs of you leaving. A crate will probably help a lot - my dog puts herself in the crate now when I start brushing my teeth in the morning, and she used to freak out when I left.

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    And you HAVE TRAIN HER TO CRATE WHILE YOUR AT HOME! Don't just push her in a crate and leave!
    I'm sure we have a crate training sticky...

  6. How old is she? I agree with the others, that a crate is very useful here. Your dog is just having separation anxiety. maybe set up a camera and spy on her and see her body language when you are gone.

  7. We had been crating her during the day but with the first crate she figured how to escape from it (and would slightly injure herself doing so) and then with the second she would chew on the door all day and pee inside of it. So we decided to try leaving her out...she isn't destructive with anything in the house, just pees and poops. It is easier to clean it up from the floor though than when she was in the crate and she would be all wet in her own pee!

    so basically, if we have already tried crating there anything else?

  8. well, you have to work on her separation anxiety first. THat's the problem - everything else is the symptom.

    Work on desensitizing her to you leaving - do your leaving routine and then don't do anything. Leave for a minute and come back. Keep increasing the time you're gone. Do not fuss over her when you come or go - just act like it's the most normal thing in the world. Give her something to keep her entertained - peanut butter to lick out of a Kong, etc.

    I used a Thundershirt on Amy when I first got her and she was having bad anxiety. I would put her in it in the morning and she would relax a little, then I'd give her a peanut butter kong and slip out the door. It got a lot better after a few weeks. She was just scared and nervous after being abandoned at a shelter and living there for 3 months.

    Once your dog is better with the separation anxiety, you should be able to crate her or leave her contained. Amy pooped a couple times when I had her in a separate room and once deconstructed an entire chaise lounge. At that point it wasn't separation anxiety as much as boredom. So now she stays in her crate where she can't get into trouble. You may have to put a lock on the crate so the dog can't escape.

    How long are you leaving her? If she's peeing in the crate she might be too young to hold it that long.

  9. How old is your dog and health wise is she ok? Do you have a consistent feeding schedule and a consistent time you take her out? Or do you take her out whenever you have time?

    My dog had this issue the first month and a half where she would not know she has to hold her pee and poops. We crate her during the day while i was at work and she would not soil where she lays. Is her crate too big for her? once we got her on a schedule she knew when to expect to go out. Now we have her going only 3 times a day. Once in the morning, once when i get home, once before i go to bed.

    When she did have accidents, I would make a really big fuss about it, make her sit and stay and she had to watch me clean it up. I would say things like "this is what i have to do since you don't have hands!" and be really harsh and act like she did the worst thing possible. Then when i take her out and she went potty i act like it was the best thing in the world no matter how silly i looked. She hasn't had an accident in months.

    I feel like we are in totally different situations, but i think you need to differentiate when she did a good job with a potty outside, and a very bad no no when she has an accident. I think you have to start small. Leave her roam the house in very short intervals and when you come back to a clean house make it obvious she did a good job. I'm talking like 30 minutes to start. Crate her if you need to be out longer. Then extend it out to 45 minutes. If she has an accident, don't act excited to see your new doggy and make it very obvious you are not happy with her. if she was good then act like she is the best pup in the world.

  10. she is about a year and half old...we do have a very consistent feeding schedule and going out schedule. We wake up every morning, take her for about a 45 minute walk/jog...come home & eat, i get ready for work and she hangs out with me, we go out again one more time, and then I leave around 830. My Fiance gets home around 3:30 and takes her for about an hour and a half walk/run and then she eats again around 5. She goes out one more time around 9:30. She definitely is able to hold it during the day because she sleeps through the night with us without needing to go from about 10-6:30.

    I give her a kong filled with peanut butter before I leave...she doesn't even notice I leave, she is so into it! I also leave little treats hidden throughout the house...she has gotten very good at sniffing and finding them..they are gone each day when I get home.

    The thing is she is only pooping/peeing in the basement. However, our house is set up where we don't have a basement is a rowhome in Baltimore and the steps to go downstairs from the main level are just regular we put her old crate in front of the steps to see if maybe if she can't get down there she won't go at all...because she has never gone on the main level or upstairs where the bedrooms are. We will see!

  11. you're giving her too much space to roam. It's probably stressing her out. She's hiding her poop away from her den. Keep her in a crate or in the bathroom (a smaller room).

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    Baloo doesn't have the pee/poop problem but he does like to destroy things when I leave him loose in the apartment. BUT if he's confined to my bedroom, he's totally fine. Just a slightly smaller space calms him down enough to where he'll just sleep.

    (I'd crate him but his crate is a little too small for me to comfortably leave him in it and I don't want to have to get him another one)

    So maybe just start decreasing the room size? Go from everywhere to a wing of the house to a bedroom to a bathroom and to a crate if none of those work. And I agree about the desensitizing, I do that on accident with Baloo since I'm in school, I'm in and out all day so he doesn't panic anymore.

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