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    Mast Cell Tumors

    Hi Everyone. Have not been on here for a long time.
    Does anyone know anything about "Mast cell Tumors"? Toby, my American Bulldog - Boxer mix has one on his leg and is going for surgery tomorrow to have it removed. His Vet will then send it to the lab in Columbia. I was playing with him last night and I found another one on top of his head! Are these "tumors" really bad? Will they come back? I know I can probably look all of this up on the internet, but not so sure I want to know. Bones, my Pitbull - Mastiff mix is doing well. I hope its okay to ask about Toby on here, he is not a pit, but you would not believe how many people think he IS!!!

  2. Welcome to the forum. You might want to post your issues in our Health and Nutritional Care forum. You will get more responses there. :)

  3. Hello and Welcome :)

    I am sorry to hear about your AB/Boxer. I hope the very best for you guys. Just as Michele said, post in the "Health and Nutritional Care forum". There are some pet health care people members here as well as members that may have some experience dealing with those issues. They will see your posts and give some advice and guidance. Some members probably work during the day and may or may not see your posts until later, so check back often.

    Enjoy the forum and have fun :cool:

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    Hi and welcome to the forum. I'm sorry to hear about your dog.

    If the tumor is taken off early enough the cancer hasn't spread and it is done with clean margins the prognosis is usually pretty good. So hopefully that is the case.

    Best wishes for a good outcome.

    Hugs for your pup!

    Keep us posted

    There is a caninecanceryahoo group that is really awesome you should look into asap in my opinion too

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    So sorry to hear about your dog being diagnosed with Mast Cell tumors....they are in fact a type of fast growing cancerous tumor. Depending on the degree of it, it's ideal for your vet to get wide as to make sure they get all the fast moving cancer cells out of the body.....however since it's on a leg, that might be a tough option. (only so much skin on a leg!)

    Make sure your vet has put your dog on benadryl and pepcid before and after surgery (for weeks at least.....we have some patients on it for life) because mast cell tumors contain a type of histamine, that when cut (in surgery) release the histamine into the blood stream and can have a deadly allergic reaction. (they literally start to hive in surgery and go into respiratory arrest....not a fun thing to deal with as a surgery tech!)

    I've also recently heard that the use of morphine as a pain med in surgery on m$#@! cell tumors can lead to the m$#@! cell tumor cells being more likely to spread as it may activate something......but ask your vet what their surgery plan is.
    We just removed a m$#@! cell tumor off a large dog today, and used a hydromorphone drip instead and it worked wonderfully as a pain killer, and so far no bad side effects. The specialists we spoke with agreed with us on this too.

    Your vet will probably leave the sutures in for up to three weeks, much longer then normal because mast cell tumor removal incisions tend to heal slower and can open up more easily then a straight forward be sure to keep your pet quiet and confined until sutures out! And be sure your pet doesn't lick or chew at the incision, as this will only delay and complicate the healing process.

    Also, since your dog has boxer in'll want to get EVERY single little lump checked and probably removed during it's lifetime.

    Boxers are unfortunetly the #1 breed for developing cancerous mast cell tumors, especially at a young age...and once you have one mast cell tumor, you can bet there will be more. It's better to remove them while they're small and haven't had a chance to spread. Even if it just looks like a little cyst or skin tag....get it checked out by your vet to confirm it's not a mast cell tumor!

    We tell all our boxer owners to examine their dogs for lumps at least once a week....check the ENTIRE dog over for any signs of new tumors.

    I've seen too many patients die because their owner waited too long to get the m$#@! removed, and by that time they had spread to other parts of the body and vital organs.

    Good luck with the surgery, stay positive and give your poor pup a hug!

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    As a side, I've been looking into holistic/homeopathic vet care for my dogs and some of the stories I've heard are just amazing.

    Seizures gone, tumours gone, allergies gone... Just miracles. So while western medicine has it's place, looking into some eastern remedies/preventatives is an option also. :)

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    Enjoy the forum!!

    Sorry to hear about your pup! Hope all goes well and please keep us update and we love pics :D

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    Hey everyone, Thank you so much for your concern and for your insight!
    Toby had his surgery today (July 2) at 8 am and the vet let me bring him home at 3 pm, as long as I promised to keep him in a crate and quiet (away from Bones). He is still dopey and sleeping right now. He looks beat up, I almost cried! He has 8 stiches in his leg and 8 on top of his head. The vet said the one on his leg was soft and the one on his head was rock hard. Don't know what that meant (if anything). I will not have the results back for about 10 days. Will keep you posted! Bones, on the other hand, went NUTS while we were gone! He's the Pit-Mastiff mix, and I left him home. I could hear him barking and clawing at the door after I went out with Toby! My hubby left him loose in the house and he has ate the corner of my brand new couch! Tore a couch pillow into a gazillion pieces, scattered a whole bag of cat food and chewed up just one of my sneakers! He was a busy little boy! And in case your wondering, NO, I do NOT come home and punish him. Do Pits EVER stop chewing???? He does NOT do this when I am home. I know now, he can never be an "only" dog, he is Toby's shadow. Right now, he is laying on the floor right next to Toby who is in the crate. I think it is sweet!

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    Did he say if he got clean margins ... if not, I'd call and ask him

    I am glad your baby s home.

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    Soft m$#@! are usually benign. Usually, but not always. It's the harder ones you generally have to worry about. Just hang tight and wait for the biopsy results.

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