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    strain?sprain? something else?

    I have a male Bull terrier who has begun limping only slightly and only after he gets up from lieing down.
    it began on thursday on wednesday we went for a 2 1/2 hour walk/run off lead he was really hyper and running around like crazy
    thursday we went for 4 hours off lead again running around like crazy
    friday i noticed when he would get up from lieing down he would limp on his front left leg a few times then walk normally
    i felt his leg for swellings or obviously painfull spots,checked his paws and nails for any cuts or sores or anything stuck in them
    minipulated his leg around looking for any obvious signs of pain of discomfort nothing
    saturday we went for a 2 1/2 hour walk he ran around like normal jumping,running swimming ect
    saturday night slight limp
    sunday no walk still slight limp while getting up.

    i dont know if i should take him in to see the vets for this or not? i doubt its broken anywhere like i said when i minipulated his leg and stuff he never seemd uncomfortable at all (no panting,no stiffining,no lip licking,no whineing or wimpering,no pulling his leg from my hands ect)

    could it be serious do you think? could it be a muscle strain from the running? could it maybe be a sprain?
    i tried googleing but couldnt find much info at all
    any and all advice would be very welcomed

  2. About a month ago my **wonderful** boyfriend was roughhousing with Willow and sorta tossed her across the yard. She must have landed funny because she came in with a serious limp
    I put her on crate rest for one week, and checked for swelling daily. I was about to make an appointment for the vet by the end of the week when it finally got a bit better. After another week and a half of low level exercise (no walks no playing with my other dog etc) she was back to her usual annoying self =)

    I would wait it out a bit...maybe give it a week and if it doesn't stop then you know a vet visit may be in order =)

  3. Oh also...I would think a pulled muscle.

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    ok thank you! like i said i googled but couldnt find much info about reasons dogs limp wether it could be serious or minor and iddidnt wanna pay 100 bucks to be told "oh give it time" if it could be nothing.

  5. Or worse, they will want to do an xray. That's why I waited so long to take Willow in lol

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    Have you found any ticks on him recently?

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    Quote Originally Posted by omgrobyn View Post
    Have you found any ticks on him recently?
    yes hes has a total of five ticks on him within the past few weeks we went for a walk thru the woods and even though i put frontline AND citronella lotion on him he got 5 latched on i got the heads out though they were onyl attached a short while why you think it could be lyme?

    hum... good possability gonna go google that right now!

  8. How old is he? It sounds like you've been working him pretty hard. He might just be sore? It wouldn't hurt to check his pads too. Maybe he rubbed them raw?

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    Your dog has been limping for almost a week. It needs to go to a vet. Even if they say "there's nothing we can do", they will at least give you anti-inflammatories and pain medication. I'm amazed you've let your dog limp around for almost a week without doing anything about it. The dog is limping- it is in pain. Do something.

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    There was a thread made on here very recently about Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, which dogs get from ticks, and you're up north so I figured you guys have plenty of ticks.

    If he's still limping now, it'd probably be worth it to spend the $100+ bucks to rule out any tick related illnesses. If he hasn't been vaccinated for lymes, it would probably be worth it to have that done as well since this probably won't be the last time you deal with ticks this year. And ask them if they know of anything that works better on the ticks. Ticks are gross.

    Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

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  11. I may have had a similar situation. After a morning of running hard, I notice that Bonnie had a slight limp. It was gone the next day so I didn't worry about it. The next time she ran hard, she limped again. After that I noticed that she was a little unsteady on that leg. I took her to the vet. They examined her, but said they couldn't give any definitive answer without a series of x-rays. They told me to have her take it easy for a few weeks to see if she got better. They also said to get 5 pounds off of her.

    For the first few weeks she would be stiff in the morning and then she would be fine once she warmed up. I took her on walks every day but no running or hard playing (yes, she got bored). After about four weeks, the morning stiffness went away. I had found an excellent article online which said that it takes a long time for an injury to heal so don't push the dog as soon as the symptoms leave. I gave her a few more weeks of daily walks (about 7-8 weeks total). The other day we played ball. She did fine and no signs of limping. So I'll start slowly increasing her exercise again over the next few weeks. I don't want to over do it and re-injure her.

    The vet said that it could have been anything from early dispacia, a ccl injury, early arthritis, to valley fever (I'm in Arizona). Looks like a minor ccl injury was probably the most likely culprit. That had been the vet's initial $#@!umption which she couldn't verify without the x-rays.

    Here is the article I found that talks about helping a dog recuperate from an injury.

    Good luck, and I hope your dog starts feeling better.

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    @Vadar he is approx 1 year 6 months i dont work him we went for a walk he was off lead and ran around i didnt force excercise onto him when he starts showing signs of exhuastion we head back after a 30 minutes sit down.
    it was a very SLIGHT limp he put weight on it but slightly and after he took about 5 steps was walking normally again the rest of the time he was up and around so it was hard to ditermine how serious it was as i said i minipulated his leg gently to see any signs of pain in the joints and there was none.

    i called a vet this morning to talk about possabilitys of lyme and his symptoms they said its unlikely its lyme but i can get the blood test anyways on monday (which yes i am doing even though he has not limped at all yesterday or today) i wanted to get in sooner but the vet is going to be out till monday morning
    i will let you all know the results
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    I guess I don't get it. "My dog is limping what do I do?" "Go to the vet." It's that simple. If you don't know the reason and you don't know how to resolve the issue, you need to go to someone who does. No one can diagnose your dog over the internet. Your dog has been limping for almost a week. Just because it doesn't do it all the time or seems to not be in pain does not mean the dog is not in pain. If it wasn't in pain, it wouldn't be limping.

    I get really sick of this since I deal with it every day. People think it's somehow my problem that they waited 3 months to get their dog seen while it's been having diarrhea and now that it's an emergency I have to drop everything that I'm doing because their dog finally inconvenienced their life enough for them to bring them in. Or people that don't bring in their animals because it costs too much money, then, when it becomes so obvious the dog needs to come in or else it will die, then those tests and procedures are more expensive than what the original diagnostics would've been in the first place and the animal gets euthanized because the owner NOW can't afford to care for it.

    IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING YOU NEED TO GO TO THE VET. This is not a diagnostics forum. I can give you suggestions of tests to do, but I cannot run a differential over the internet with the only information of "my dog is limping". Take it to the vet. Get a REAL physical examination. Get a REAL answer. That's how you resolve the problem. And then, after you've had an exam, after the doctor has given you suggestions, after you've had test results returned, THEN you can come on here and get opinions from people that may have some idea of what you're talking about and help you decide on a treatment plan if there are multiple options. That's what this forum is for. There are no vets on this forum or psychics for that matter. We can't just magically know what's going on with your dog. Don't be cheap. Take the dog to a vet and get it some help.

  14. Liliana- kinda harsh. She stated she IS going to the vet...

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    Maybe people need to have someone speak a little harsh to them about taking care of their animals. "I tried googling what could be wrong with my dog, but unfortunately, the mystical internet vets couldn't magically diagnose my dog without doing any real physical examination or testing". Really?

    And to say that a dog isn't in pain because it only limps SOMETIMES is incredibly naive and I feel sorry for that dog that it's been in pain for 5 days and is only now having its owner consider treating it and, now that they've waited, it has to wait almost another entire week to receive treatment. :rolleyes:

  16. Some people you need to be harsh with and some you don't. As Xchairity said, it's a slight limp and vets can get very expensive. Like the rest of us, she has to walk a tightrope between what's best for her dog and what she can pay. She wasn't trying to save a buck at the dog's expense. The fact that she's here asking for help speaks well for her.

    Liliana, I appreciate your passion, and there are plenty of people who need to read what you wrote. But let's cut Xchairity some slack.

  17. I know if I limp after a workout it means i overworked myself (let me rephrase. Not in my case, but another person because I have really bad knees and shin splints) if I went to the doctor every time I had a limp they probably would have amputated my leg by now. Keeping the dog off of the leg and waiting it out to see if it was due to over working or maybe a stumble is very reasonable.
    However if the limp hasn't gone away that's different. Monitoring the situation is not unheard of...kennel rest and checking for swelling is fine. However I wouldn't let it go too far if I were the OP.
    She was not out of line to post here first. If her dog was bleeding then that would merit the vet 100% right away.

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    I understand. But what are we going to do about it? What are strangers on the internet that cannot even see the dog going to do to advise someone on how to care for an unknown injury or disease?

    For example, in the past year, 2 of my dogs have gone through serious kidney and liver issues. I didn't come on here and go "my dog is peeing a lot and drinking excessively at night, what do I do?" No. I went to the vet, I ran bloodwork, I went to the internal medicine specialist, had abdominal ultrasounds done, and now we have a treatment plan. Then, my gf (Kodi's the one with the liver issues) is on a 'dogs with liver issues forum' where they basically support each other, talk about diets and supplements, talk about what they're doing to treat it, stuff like that. That's what online forums are for. They're not for diagnosing issues. That's my point.

    Go to the vet, find out what's wrong, and then we, as your compadres on the internet, can give feedback on our opinions regarding the treatment plan. For example, sometimes people come on here that HAVE gone to the vet but haven't found conclusive answers. Then, they come on here and say 'what else can I do, here's the complete medical history, here's what we've done, we need a second opinion'. Then, people on here can go "well you should run these tests" or "you need to see this specialist". But we're not specialists, we're not running these tests ourselves; that's what vets are for.

  19. We can't do anything about it over the internet except give personal experiences and what we did in similar situations...which is what I got from her OP. That way she can make a decision as to what to do if the limping continues.

    I do understand your point, which is why I believe I read "sounds like..." a lot. Clearly it is made aware there are no vets on this forum that we know of.
    In this example, this is a limp. Barely a limp, a slight favoring of the leg. Posting and asking for advice is sort of like asking "well what would you do in this situation" There is nothing wrong with that as long as the OP has the right intentions at heart (which she has already stated she will go to the vet if it continues)

    Do you know how many posts on here I've seen for bee stings? Talk about saving a vet trip. Not everyone can afford to go to the vet and I don't know about the vet that you work for, but my vet will want to run every single test on something so simple.

    Here is another example, recently Willow has been hacking a lot. I thought it was due to a bone maybe splintering and getting stuck. Someone suggested to take her temp it may be kennel cough so I did and her temp was normal. I went to the vet they did an xray found nothing, found no signs of kennel cough. Well. Turns out it was kennel cough and I just paid $200 for nothing. Not too big of a deal but I do wish that I had waited a bit longer.

    In reference to the liver disease, clearly you did the right thing, where I can imagine a lot of owners just letting it go. However, for the...maybe one person who notices it posts on PBC asking "hey should I be worried?" and you respond with YES so and so you should because --enter your personal story here-- then that person realizes they need to go to the vet, problem solved.

    I understand 100% where you are coming from, but you need to understand that yelling at the person is not the way to go. If they don't want to listen, they don't want to listen. We all know that's how this forum (and all others) works. I'm not trying to argue with you, because I see your point *in many other posts* but not this one. Here, I think waiting it out just a little bit will not hurt

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    Last night after reading some more about lyme and rocky mountian spotted fever i was really frightend for Cesar and got up early early this morning and called the vets again asking if i could please get him in sooner they so no sorry they couldnt so i decided to take him to the next nearests vets (45 minutes away) they were mad and annoyed at me,my boyfreind was mad and annoyed at me but i was too worried for him to really care.
    they took 2 blood tests and checked them both he is good no lyme no rocky mountian spotted fever!! i was so relived they also told me to just take him home and let him rest (no rough houseing,running or walking) they basically told me to wait it out and if it gets worse with no excercise to bring him back in for anti-inflamatories.

    i can understand dealing with idiots who dontw ant to take their pets to the vets for anything due to costs i deal with morons like that too "my dog just had a seziure whats wrong with it?"
    but mainly i seen no reason paying 50 dollars for a vet vist for them to tell me exactly what they did today "take him home and rest him" they never touched his leg never even examined it or touched it.
    now i didnt have any problems taking him in for 2 blood tests and a lyme vaccine today.
    if he had been REALLY limping and was showing obvious signs of discomfort i would have taken him right in for the x-ray.
    thats like telling people to take there dogs into see the vet everytime it vomits,every time it gets the runs,or everytime it gets a scratch or a broken toe nail.
    a vet will get awfully pissed at you if you tried doing somthing like that.

    this had NOTHING to do with not being able to afford it i have a decent sized credit at the vets office everytime i have some extra money it goes to the vets and has for the past 3 years five dollars, twenty dollars, a hundred dollars whatever im not needing right away goes straight into the vets and i dont use that money for vaccines or little things its just for big things like x-rays.
    no this was a matter of WASTEING time and WASTEING money for the vet to tell me EXACTLY what they did "wait it out"

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