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    leaving Goren and Logan with a friend this weekend

    I am not worried, they are ganna be on chain spots in the friend's yard, they live in the woods. They are scared that a coyote pack is ganna come and kill/injure them...I donno if its just me but I really don't think that Logan or Goren would have much issue with them, I mean Goren has size on his side and they are both fit, Logan and Goren when they play both go for the throat and such, I know from experience that if they are challenged they won't back down (they have not gotten in a fight but have been challenged and lets just say it is no fun trying to control them when they are like that).

    They are ganna be up close to the house to ease the friend's mind but honestly I don't think the coyotes are even ganna show up, and if they do I don't think they are ganna go into the chain area and pick a fight. They are ganna be there from like Saturday to maybe Monday should I be really worried?

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    oh yea forgot to say why I have to leave them with them, well last week one of my neighbors called the cops on me because my dogs were barking at if I am not home and they are barking I am scared to figure out what will happen...this is the same friend that is going to be watching them for me over the 4th of July so I figured it would also be a good dry run

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    Coyotes don't pack up all that often. If the population is really high they might, or a mother with a couple pups or something. Maybe a pair before the pups drop. I wouldn't worry about it at all unless your dogs are rabbit sized. If a dog was out in the middle of nowhere by himself he'd have a problem but up around people not so much.

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    ok that is what I was thinking, my friend says he sees the big male a lot but never gets a good shot at him, missed him 3 times in a month the sneaky thing. Logan is about 35 lbs but I don't think that is all that small ya know, my friend keeps thinking that coyotes are huge, the average is only 30 lbs and they have completely different fight styles to bully breeds anyhow and Logan shows all the characteristics in play of a bully breed fight style if ya know what I mean. I just hope I don't come home to a scared up dog, I don't mind a dead coyote but man I don't want neighbours thinking I fight my mutts or something (since the one is down my neck anyhow)

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    Granted, I live in a suburban area, we have a lot of coyotes around here. The past couple months were annoying with their constant screaming but they never came up by the houses. My mom gets freaked out when she's walking her dog that one will attack them.. But really, she's got a 70# dog, I'm not so sure a coyote will be brave enough to think he'd be a good easy snack. Bentley's DA has made every random dog turn tail and run so I wouldn't be worried about him at all.. I'm thinking your dogs will be fine.. Does your friend have security/motion lights outside? That would probably help some too.

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    he has one motion light outside I think. Goren and Logan bark at any animal and Goren is rather DA do unfriendly dogs or pushy ones so I am sure he won't be quiet if they come up to him. We are ganna have them close to each other but not touching so they are not able to tangle or get pissy at each other and fight or something but close enough that it would be hard for a coyote to ignore one and deal with the other.

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