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  1. I didn't know I love pitbulls

    I'm just going to $#@!ume my bio thread posts? Anyhow, I hate stereotypes and yet never really had an opinion of the general public's $#@!essment of pitbulls being fighting dogs. From the moment I met Fiona, she has been nothing but sweet and charismatic.

    My children, aged 6 and 4, have really taken to her. In fact, while trying to convince Fiona into the safety of my back yard instead of hiding under cars on the street, it was my children that she ran to with her tail wagging. I doubt she would have ever gone with me if it weren't for the kids being around.

    In just over a month, I've convinced a dozen or so people that Fiona is a family dog, still puppy and without any real training so she has poor manners, but she is nice and sweet and friendly. I'm so glad that I get to have this little girl in my family.

  2. Welcome !!!

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  4. They're such loving dogs and so full of personality that you can't help but fall in love with them.

    I just wish that more people were willing to approach them with an open mind. The stereotypes would die fast once people saw what great dogs they are.

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    Welcome to PBC.

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    ....I'm a BIG fan too. now!

  10. It's a very easy breed to fall in LOVE with! :rolleyes:

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    I just had to move back in with my parents, for a very short temporary time frame, however I had a major issue with my stepmom and my dog. She absolutely refused to allow my dog in the house, stating, "my friends cousins brothers next door neighbor knew someone who knew someone that had a pit who ate a babys face off..." Needless to say, my dog is NOT an outside dog, and her going anywhere without me was not an option. So, I did what any other lover of pets would do, and I took her there anyway. First, I would stay gone all day, and bring Duchess with me wherever I went, until I figured my stepmom was asleep, then we'd go home, and I'd sneak her up to my room. After a few days I decided it was just silly to hide her, cuz she's the sweetest thing, so we started hanging out at home, and I kept her leash on her in the house, but she still roamed freely. The first time my stepmom walked in the house, she froze up against the wall and was just obviously a lil freaked out. I told her to calmly put her hand out and pet her. She did. Then quickly went to her room. Over the next few days, my stepmom started to hang around Duchess more, and became more comfortable with her. This is coming from someone who just did not like or even want to like a pit bull because of all the "stories" she's heard. Then, it happened. I was downstairs playing xbox, and Duchess had been laying beside me, and I hadn't noticed she had walked away. I heard my stepmom call my name, really loud,and told me to come here quick. So, I ran to her room, only to find Duchess curled up on the bed next to my stepmom, licking her. My stepmom was petting her and playing, and now everytime I come home, Duchess is with my stepmom. I also have two small shih tzu's in that home too, and Duchess loves them. So, all it takes is someone taking the time to get to know a bully. Even the biggest of all skepticals can change their mind. Click image for larger version. 

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    Aww! Yay for duchess! :) <3 her!

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    Welcome! I would love to see some more pics of Fiona! They sure are excellent dogs with children. Sounds like you certainly found a keeper!

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