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  1. Weird Red Spots By My Dogs groin Area And By His Penis....Pls Help!

    Hi...My 1 yr old blue nose has these spots on his belly and by his groin & around the penis. I have been reading up on it and from what the pics look like it looks like it could either be ringworm or pyoderma..Now is their any home rememdies that anyone knows of?:confused: if so pleaseeee let me know ASAP! Thanks for reading!!

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    Athlete's foot spray usually kills ringworm too. I just use the cheap walmart kind.

  3. Thank you very much.. I used it yeserday, but it got really red. So tonight im trying Apple cider vinegar.

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    Any chance of insects, like ants or anything?

  5. Can you take pictures and post them?

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    If it is raised, red rings... then it would be ring worm.

    If it is red dots/spots.... I'd go with a skin sensitivity.
    The most common would be to gr$#@!, especially if it's been freshly cut or if it's pollinating. If this is the case, try Bag Balm for cow utters. It works wonders for 'gr$#@! rash'. For some reason dogs love to lick it... so you'd have to stop your dog from licking and irritating the area even more.
    Could also be laundry detergent on bedding being used, anything scented, shampoos, etc. Any new products used recently...?

    Like catchrcall said... insect bites, like ants would be another possibility.

    Apple cider vinegar (ACV) needs to be mixed 50/50 with water when put on the skin or else it'll burn really bad. If there's still a sensitivity then it needs to be diluted even more.

    Pictures would def. help.

  7. I will take a pic and upload in in 5 mins...Thank you everyone all this info is really helping me...More home remedies would be helpful!

  8. These Are the spots im worried about on him....Please if anyone knows what is it let me know!!Click image for larger version. 

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  9. Nope! He has never had fleas since he was a puppy!

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    I'm not a vet but I think it looks like a fungus or ringworm. If he won't let you do the spray then try Lotrimin and don't let him lick it off until it gets soaked into the skin.

  11. Yea...I was searching google and those were the two things that were coming up. So im gonna try this vinegar & water for a week and see what happens.

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    I'm gonna go with ringworm.
    I have no home remedies to offer....
    Try google searching 'home remedies for dog with ringworm' for more options or take catchrcall's advice.

    It it gets worse or isn't cleared up within the wk... you should probably take your dog to the vet since ringworm can be passed on...

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