if all goes well I will have a 220 gal. tank by noon!! I am planning on doing a natural species tank with it...well keep my sun cat and my koi but add bluegill and if I can catch a small rainbow trout, then that too...my hope is to buy a sturgeon online, they have the small species that needs a 180 gal tank for it so it would be big enough, but will wait and see how the free fish go 1st since I don't want to have to buy a chiller since they are expensive...anyhow, I just hope I get it, it kinda has to be able to fit through the front door though and I am not sure it can >.<

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didn't get the tank, he said the guy had water setting in it to show it didn't leak but had algea and stuff growing in it, and it was sitting in a garage so he thinks it also had mosquitoes in it too so yea, oh well I might buy a 150 from petsmart someday (sadly its the only store within any reasonable distance that has anything remotely big)