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  1. 1 year old pit, how much/how often to feed

    Hey guys, I'm new to the site so I'm hoping I am posting this thread in the right area. Anyways, a little bit about my dog. He is a pit bull named Bentley born April 2nd 2011 so he will be a year in about 2 weeks, I didn't get any papers with him when I purchased him at 3 months old and he currently weighs 73 lbs. I have been feeding him the Puppy Pro Plan chicken and rice for large breed dogs 3 times a day (7am 1pm 7pm) 2 cups each feeding so 6 total cups a day. I have a few questions... Is this too much? Should he still be getting fed 3 times a day? When should I switch over to adult food? I will attach a photo later today once I upload it. He doesn't look fat or overweight to me, but I would just like some insight from experienced owners and if there's anything different I should be doing it would be great to hear from you all.

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    dang that seems like a lot of food.....what i would do is first off switch to a better quality of food second is get off the large breed, third switch to two feedings a day i would just go off what the bag says for feeding amount than adjust by how my dog looks

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    and at a year old you can be off puppy kibble by would help also

  3. Thanks for the input... here is the most recent picture I have of him, I'm at work so later I will post a side view. Click image for larger version. 

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  4. sorry this is actually a more recent one... Click image for larger version. 

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    I second Tanner here. I'd get him off the puppy food and onto a better quality kibble, only feed twice a day and you can start with whatever the bag suggests for amount. Usually the "recommended" amount is way too much and will result in a fat dog though. As an example, my two 50lb dogs get 2 cups of Nature's Domain a day (1c am/1c pm). They maintain their weight with medium activity and looks great. The guidelines on the bag suggest 3-4c per day which would result in fat dogs for me.

    If you can get pictures from the side and top we can give you a better idea of body condition, too. Your boy is cute!

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    I agree with using a little less food then most bags recommend. And you dont need to use a large breed formula. I have a mix, who's just over 1 year, and she gets about 2.5 cups of food per day. 1 cup in the AM, and 1 at night, with an occasional "snack" in the middle if we've been busy that day. Per the food bag, I should be giving her between 3 and 4 cups per day...she'd be a fatty butt! lol At 1 year though, it's time to get him off puppy food for sure.

    and, btw, I must comment, your boy's cheeks are just too squish-able for words! lol Love it!

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    Whoa six cups a day....given that it's a pretty crappy food you're feeding with a lot of fillers, it's still too much. My year old APBT female gets fed 1 cup of premium kibble twice a day, and is also very active.. this amount is keeping her looking good in my eye, and I don't like a dog heavy at all.

    I agree with the others, feed less...and a better quality kibble. Your "little" guy is very cute!

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    I would definitely get him off a puppy food.. and on to an adult diet.. better quality diet... I wouldn't use large breed because apbt aren't large breed dogs..

    I found with the one food I was feeding my shepherd was going right through him.. he was losing weight on the recommended feeding amount.. and was up to 6 cups a day and was just crapping out all the food... so now he is on a raw diet.

    Also if you could post pictures from the side with him standing.. and from above him.. its easier to get a better idea of his body condition.

    Also.. he is sooo freaking cute!! So squishable!!! lol

  9. Mines a tad over 75 lbs and he eats 1.5 cups in the morning and 1.5 cups at night

  10. Thanks for all the advice.. and as i promised here are pictures from above as well as the side... Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	38927. Also the weight of 73 lbs i mentioned above was inaccurate. That was from me holding him on a scale at home but he was at the vet today and weighed in at 66lbs.
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    According to your pics he looks to be a very good weight. Six cups of crappy food a day is still way too much, probably due to the fact that there isn't much nutrition in it, and he's probably pooping most of it out.

    Once you get him on a quality kibble, you need to cut down on the amount pretty drastically, get him to about 2 cups a day...three tops and see how he does. You can always tweak the amount according to his activity level, and body condition. He will be getting better nutrition, more bang for the buck on your pocketbook as well.

    He's a very handsome boy!

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    looks pretty good

  13. So from what I've read I was thinking about trying TOTW but not sure which kind i should get as I was told that chicken is the best for pitbulls and their stomachs. I was wondering if switching him gradually from proplan chicken and rice to TOTW would be advisable and also what kind of TOTW would be best. Any thoughts?

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    Any of the TOTW kinds are fine, lots of people rotate through the proteins as well. I always cold switch my dogs off crap food but depends on the dog, some need to take it slow. I doubt you would need over 3 cups a day max of TOTW.

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    I think his weight looks pretty good right now so the amount you were feeding for that particular kibble was fine.

    We feed our puppy TOTW here and have been switching between proteins. I am very happy with it! When you switch food, just try to keep him at about the same weight. If he starts gaining, reduce. If he starts loosing, increase the amount you are feeding. I'd probably start around 3.5-4 cups/day for a 73 lbs. moderately active dog. For comparison, my puppy is 9 months, 30 pounds and gets 2 cups/day.

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