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    OH- Dog Found Alive Next to Owner Killed By Ohio Storm

    AMELIA, Ohio - When emergency workers found Carol Forste's body in Ohio after Friday’s tornado, they also came across one of her dearest possessions, her dog, still at her side.
    The storm that killed his owner and best friend spared the dog's life, even as it crushed his spirit.
    Kush, Forste's pit bull survived Friday's storm. Doctors at All Creatures Animal Hospital in Amelia, say it will take weeks for Kush to truly heal.
    One look into his eyes and you can see he is still shocked and traumatized from Friday's tornado.
    "Kush would not leave her deceased body's side...stood right next to her until they discovered her," said Dr. Dan Meakin, Kush's doctor.
    Carol's death took an emotional toll on Kush. For days, he would not eat or drink.
    "Something like that really puts the fear into them, so it sometimes takes them a couple of days to they feel like eating again, but Kush is starting to take food with hand feeding," Dr. Meakin explained.
    At first, doctor's feared the worst, that he would have to be put to sleep.
    "He's ripped his ligaments which connect the lower bone the femur to the tibia and he's broken it," Dr. Meakin said.
    The dog will have to undergo an $1,800 surgery but doctors say he will survive. They are trying to make it so that the family won't have to pay much, because the Forstes lost most of their valuables in the storm.
    In the meantime, they are focused on Kush's recovery, which may take weeks.
    "Kush is going to be fine, he's probably going to mourn the loss of Carol for 30 days or so," stressed Dr. Meakin.
    Kushwill undergo surgery Wednesday.
    Funeral services for Carol Forste are Thursday.

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  2. aww...sweet dog

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    That's so sad. Poor pup having to go through that :( RIP to his owner, Carol.

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    These are the tornados I posted about Me and Boo riding out in the basement. There is such an outpouring of individuals helping in the community.

    I sent in a donation to the Vet office, and will watch for updates on the dog.

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    RIP Kush's owner

    I road out these storms in the basement in Indy, while my hubby was passed out at home as they hopped the river and missed my town...they then went and almost killed my sister but lucky for my family her hubby forgot his sungl$#@! see they were going to Indy for a family event and well they would have been where that cemi driver got killed if he would have not gone back for his sungl$#@!, I thank God for those sungl$#@!, it would have been my sister and her 2 kids and her hubby so yea very lucky...

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    That is so sad.....such a sweet dog.

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    So sad. Poor dog. They truely are mans best friend

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