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Dog attack while walking.

Discussion in 'General Dog Discussions' started by ZandyElliott, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. ZandyElliott

    ZandyElliott Puppy

    Hi. I am the owner of a two year old rednose named Jake. I have never had an adult pit before. The previous owner let me take him to get used to him for the day, when I wanted to take him back to them for the night, they refused to let me bring him back to them. So here I am the new owner of this beautiful baby. I do not feel as if he is a burden at all, I just need advice on what to do and what not to do. He's two years old as I said before, he was raised with 5 children from the age of 11 to 3 years all of his life. Jake is an inside dog, doesnt mind baths and is very sweet. I have two children 5 and 3, I live in the country and there are alot of dogs that roam around, Jake is non agressive I am wondering what to do if a dog trys to attack him while we are out on a walk? :no2:

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    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 25, 2009
  2. Mollie's Nana

    Mollie's Nana Krypto Super Dog Staff Member Super Moderator

    If you do not have a break stick, invest in one ASAP! It is the only sure fire way to break up a fight involving an APBT. They are safe, effective, and do not hurt your dog. Always be very aware of your surroundings, and always be on the look out for any stray, or loose roaming dogs. You can also invest in Bear Mace, which some say works effectively, and could possible take care of that dog ever approaching you again. I think you can purchase it at hunting stores like BassPro, or order it online. We have a member here that has great Break Sticks, you can PM him, his name is Boogieman. Here's another place where you could order one, and they give great information and directions on how to use one effective and sufficently. :)

  3. dajuice

    dajuice Puppy

    Please continue to research this site for all the answers you are looking for. If you can't find it just ask and someone will advise you. Get to know your new dog, don't fall into that "he's not aggressive" stance. All it takes is one incident to change that. And keep him on a leash any time he is outside. that should take care of the stray dog issue for the most part. Good luck with your new dog and keep us posted.
  4. Krennewanz

    Krennewanz Puppy

    Hi there, congrats on your wonderful new addition! Well, I can tell you, as a veterinary nurse, the worst thing you can do is reach between 2 fighting dogs. I've done it, and have luckily only been injured mildly. I would recommend that if you go on walks, especially with the kids, have a plan. If another dog attacks Jake instruct your kids not to intervene and try to get them to safety; however, tell them NOT to run. Alot of aggressive dogs have small animal aggression (which means they attack things smaller than themselves) so a running child could become a target. Having some pepper spray could be helpful and may stop a fight. Sometimes a dogfight will stop on its own, but its rare. If I thought my dog was in real danger of being critically injured, I would get my children to safety, and then I would find something (a stick, anything) and get the other dog off my girl. I hope this helps.
  5. Jelet

    Jelet Banned

    You could carry pepper spray and spray it in the stray dogs eyes that is trying to approach you or attack your dog to get it to back off... Or you could carry a pocket knife when you walk in your pockets or purse... just in case you get a stray dog that is trying to attack you or your dog..

    I also would like to add, even if your dog is not dog aggressive, doesnt mean he will necessary back down from another dog that is challenging him or trying to pick a fight given he is a pit bull. The mellowest pit can be very good with dog. But if another dog "challenges" your pit. , your dog could not back down and accept the challenge and finish the fight till it thinks its won by killing the dog.. Not saying that, your dog could defend it self.. im just trying to say, just because your dog is not aggressive towards dogs, doesnt mean he wont fight back and get killed by a stray dog.


    just carry peppery spray or a pocket knife
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 26, 2009
  6. myo

    myo Puppy

    A pocket knife?? What you gonna do, stab one dog to death top stop it from hurting another? is that not a bit silly? How would you feel if your dog got into a fight and the other owner came up and stabbed your dog? If you can't break up a dog fight using non lethal methods you shouldn't own a pit bull. end of story. To the OP, get a breakstick. If your not confident with one maybe go for the bear spray but even with that, if it's not a stray your gonna have one pissed off dog owner to explain your actions to.
  7. dajuice

    dajuice Puppy

    Don't be alarmed or confused about breaking up a fight, it's not that complicated. If god forbid you should find your self in that situation allow your dog the chance to pen the stray, likely it wont be another bulldog. Anyway after the stray is penned stand over your dogs body with your legs pressed together on each side of his body, grab his collar with one hand and use the break stick to put in the back of his jaws and pry up and down. Be gentle and firm as not to hurt your dog. Be vey careful and keep your eyes on the stray and keep your hand away from his mouth because strays can be snappy and in an effort to get away might bite anything close to it's mouth. The bottom line is you be careful, your boy should be able to take care of himself until you can seperate them.
  8. pitgirl17

    pitgirl17 Welcome Waggin

    Congratulations on the new pup. Start reading and learning about this wonderful breed. Thanks for taking him in and making him part of your family. Make sure to involve the whole family even the 3 year old in the dogs trainig and learning and you will all have a great time.

    P.S. We need pictures!
  9. Jelet

    Jelet Banned

    You got to be kidding me LOLOLOLL. A dog owner of the roaming/leashless dog would be angry that I sprayed his or her dog with pepper or bear spray which is attacking my dog. The dog should of never been off leash or let to roam to begin with if its going to attack things. And a break stick isnt going to work with other breeds of dogs. I dont care if the owner is angry, I care about my dogs safety.

    Quoted from PBRC http://www.pbrc.net/breaksticks.html

    Lets say their are 3 roaming aggressive dogs trying to attack your dog. You sprayed them, they are not backing off. They bite your dog, your going to use break stick on 3 of them ?? Or if they are not pits, they are just snapping at your dog. biting and let go.. What are you going to do? Easy. carry a weapon and stab the dogs to death or stab them enough to back the fu*k away and to retrieve.

    Or lets say their is an aggressive dog that is not a pit bull who is just snapping at your dog so your breakstick would be useless. Your going to hold the other dog back and risk getting bit? Who is going to hold your dog while you hold the other dog back.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 26, 2009
  10. Morbidph8

    Morbidph8 Puppy

    I carry a 5ft walking stick. Can scare of a dog with it. If not you got a blunt object to defend your selfs.
  11. xosirisx

    xosirisx Big Dog

    Well this thread turned creepy! HAHA

    Just do your own research and be prepared. Enjoy your new dog! I can't believe they wouldn't take him back. That is just weird! And yes, I second, third....or fourth on the pics. Congrats!
  12. R & B

    R & B Little Dog

    Might want to check your local, state, and federal ordinances/laws re: carrying knives specifically and concealed weapons in general.

    And under what circumstance and degree of situation you can go around and " stab the dogs to death."
  13. myo

    myo Puppy

    I don't actually use a breakstick. I simply suggested one as people on this and other sites seems to think it's the best way. I use the twist and push method - Grab both dogs collars, one in either hand, twist the collars to cut off both dogs air supply and then push them into one another. pushing them into one another along with the twisted colar helps suffocate the dogs as the other dogs flesh/fur blocks up the biting dogs nose. The dog will break it's hold as it can't breathe. then when neither dog has a hold you simply pull them apart. If the other owner is there it helps as you can concentrate on using the method on your dog, while he does it on his.

    And with an attitude like that it won't matter if you don't care about the other dog or his owner, he'll care about you and you'll probably end up KO'd.
  14. DoggyDaddy

    DoggyDaddy Little Dog

    I like this method, but what if the other dog doesn't have a collar? Maybe it's best to have a break stick also.
  15. dutch

    dutch Puppy

    the first thing you need to do is to be confident and not nervous when you go for a walk. if you're already not relaxed, tense or scared your dog will pick up on this, and in turn put him on alert. instead of a calm relaxing walk both of you will be on guard duty and could potentially turn a situation that could be harmless to something very bad
  16. Jelet

    Jelet Banned

    First off, you might need to check with your local laws. Because where I live and in most parts of the USA. Dogs are not entitled to roam free /not be fenced or leashed. and especially to attack MY dog. Thus, they are breaking the law to begin with. I am sure the cops will understand why i stabbed the dogs to death when my dog was being attacked by the off leash dog that just wont leave us alone. And could severely injure my dog. Now... i am not talking about stabbing a little 30 lb dog that you could easily kick it flying or enough to scare it away or put your foot on it.
    And as far as your circumstances goes, if my dog is being attacked by 2 or 3 dogs. I try to spray them with pepper spray, they are not leaving me alone. Am i really going to risk my self to being attacked by these dogs going after my dog.?? I could get bit. They could bite one of my fingers off. I could get killed. My dog could get killed.

    Am i really going to risk my dog being SEVERELY HURT or possibility of getting infections from the bites or possibility rabies if one of the dogs are infected or maybe my dog will bleed to death from being attacked.

    No i am not going to risk this. I do not care about the other attacking dogs that is trying to harm my dog. I will gladly stab these dogs enough to back the f*ck down. I do not want my dog to get killed or severely hurt. Or myself to get bit.

    Who says these roaming dogs that are attacking your dog have collars, I have seen many collarless roaming dogs. If the dog doesnt have a collar, then what? And what if their is a pack of dogs attacking the OP's dog. You cant control 2 or 3 dogs and your dog at once? And who says the attacking dog has an owner that is going to quickly come to pick up his attacking dog that is attacking your dog. You will be by yourself with the attacking dog.

    And who says you can contain a full grown great dane or masstiff from attacking your dog and contain your dog.
  17. R & B

    R & B Little Dog

    mind you this is 1996.

    While I suppose it is good to know, I don' t carry concealed weapons so I just browsed my state law.

    Jelet you are missing an important point, what you can and cannot carry. You don't have to use these dog scenarios. If you get caught with an illegal weapon you may be imprisoned by law and fined.
  18. Jelet

    Jelet Banned


    If a gang of bikers attacks you and you defend yourself with an illegal weapon, you will not be charged with anything relating to the injuries they sustain. You will be charged upon the legality of your weapon IF ANYTHING. if the charges are not dropped.

    ALSO ** If the pocket knife you are carrying is of legal size (in Cali the legal size is 4 or 4.5 inches--can't remember exactly--or ~the size of your palm), then you are free to use it in self defense.

    When you purchase a knife, take it to your local police station. Ask the officer at the desk to check its legality. If it is legal, then you will be allowed to walk out with it, and you will know for a fact (get badge#/name etc for future reference) that it is a legal knife.

    If it is illegal, they will simply confiscate it from you.

    And guess what? An ex-marine stabbed a dog that was attacking his dog. Did he get in trouble?


    A former Marine in California stabbed a dog to death after it pounced on his wife and two dogs as they were walking in their Anaheim neighborhood, the Orange County Register reported.

    Thursday, January 08, 2009

    so once again, YOU ARE MISSING THE POINT.

    That law refers to specific types of knives, such as daggers or switchblades, gravity knifes, etc. A plain old pocket knife you are fine! Carry away! If a dog attacks you, you can use any means necessary to defend yourself including killing the dog. If you defend yourself with any knife I highly doubt you would be charged with any crime. ? Carry any pocket knife you want, just as long as it doesn't automatically open, is the general rule.

    Read the law carefully, and you will see that only certain types of knives are mentioned. Nothing about a plain pocket knife, so long as it's not one of the illegal knives. And note that "dangerous knife" is no longer part of it, because it was ruled too vague to allow someone to know when they had a "dangerous knife."

    AND another point i would like to make is that Notice that the law prohibits switchblades and gravity knives, etc. Not your common folding pocket knife which is legal to carry in NYC
  19. R & B

    R & B Little Dog

    lmao! My whole point is knowing what you can and cannot carry, and possible getting in trouble for carrying it. You yourself are using examples of what's possibly legal, or not and point out yourself that you can get in trouble for carrying it. comprehend
  20. R & B

    R & B Little Dog

    In your ex. he WENT to grab a weapon, not carrying a weapon. Again my pt is you should know what is legal to carry or not cause you may get in trouble.

    Why not just conceal a gun? Do you think there's a good chance you won't get in trouble if someone tried to rob you and you felt threatened and blew his head off?

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