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  1. Just thought I would share.
  2. Culling in the past?
  3. old bloodline question
  4. Mason Bloodline
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  7. Name That Bulldog 4
  8. Dog Fighting is illegal in all 50 states
  9. man biters or not
  10. Bolio vs Eli
  11. Terminology help!
  12. Old Movies
  13. maybe someone could help me out...
  14. The Cajun Rules...
  15. the pitbull an american dog or irish dog
  16. Big Brads Prince or Olive
  17. Old Dog Fighting Posters
  18. Tom Garner on INSIDE EDITION years ago
  19. History of Civil War canines highlighted during Cedar Creek Battle reenactment
  20. Stubby war hero
  21. Performance Title Blindness
  22. Fantastic pit bull historical work
  23. Very Impressive Dog Ch. Silver
  24. Ireland???????????????????
  25. Link To Some Old Books & Mags
  26. American Pitbull Terriers as The Nanny Dog
  27. How times have changed
  28. EEK's GrCh Myra
  29. Here are some old Bull Dog pictures I found.
  30. Observations from some Colby research
  31. New Article by Bob Stevens
  32. 1905 lombardi's PIT BULLDOG
  33. Bringing Down the Dogmen