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  1. Looking for dog events? Click here for links
  2. Second Annual Pit Bull Awareness Day 2008
  3. How close are you to CH or GCH status?
  4. 2008 Surf Dog Competition
  5. Take Your Dog To Work Day
  6. Questions for those of you that show ADBA....
  7. Any Dog Events in Nova Scotia
  8. Southeastern APBT Club's 2008 sanctioned show and pull
  9. Las Vegas Shows
  10. ADBA National Rankings!
  11. Does anyone..?
  12. AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day
  13. Can anyone tell me Terminology?
  14. ? for people in weight pull
  15. HugABull's 3rd Annual Fundraiser
  16. PBRC's Ebay Auction On Now thru Sept 18!
  17. Pit Bull Awareness Day - Tampa Bay
  18. Vote for Pit Bull Hero
  19. A question for the show people
  20. A Question about Showing and Spaying...
  21. Fun show question?
  22. Limited performance registration?
  23. Is anyone in the Pa. areas interested in starting a club?,Please let me know
  24. Starting club in georgia also
  25. registering your dog
  26. UKC Showing
  27. Peach State APBT Association
  28. Cropped ears or not?
  29. Friend is putting together a PA UKC conformation/weight pull club
  30. HugABull Orientation & Information Session - Vancouver, BC
  31. If anyone near Cincinnati goes to an event
  32. schedule for Syracuse,NY area Pitbulls Shows or Contest
  33. ADBA Advanced Champion Class - Effective May 2009
  34. Pit Bull bark in the Park, Memphis TN.
  35. International Championship APBT 2009
  36. AThens TN UKC Show 4/18 and 4/19
  37. Don't miss this show
  38. Maui,Hawaii Bully show 6/20/09
  39. Don't forget The two fun shows, one all breed pull one Day June 20th Talorsville NC
  40. Going Dock Diving
  41. This is what you get
  42. ABKC show in san bernadino
  43. Everybody welcomed....July 18, th 2009
  44. UKC- Weight Pull - new rules
  45. ADBA show 8/15-8/16
  46. San diego bully show - august 8th
  47. Check this out and see the new event in store for Texas.....
  48. What is a Show and Pull I.D. Card??
  49. Questions about the NKC
  50. walkies.... anyone...?
  51. Please join us support the breed.
  52. PA APBT Clubs
  53. Denton specialty!!!
  54. ?'s on Dog Club
  55. http://www.blessthebullys.com//pitbullawarenesscampaign.html
  56. Fun social events coming up!
  57. The Pit Bull Positive Show
  58. Pinups for Pitbulls - fun!
  59. ABKC Sanctioned EVENT!!!! ALABAMA in Jan.
  60. Michigan-Novi Pet Expo Nov 20-22
  61. Arizona?
  62. APBT Clubs/Shows in Oregon?
  63. Needing Advice
  64. Ear Standards
  65. AADR message board
  66. All States - HSUS "humane" lobby day
  67. Alabama ADBA Club
  68. " How do they get those names?"
  69. Beginner dog shows? i need some direction..
  70. Dog shows.
  71. Memphis TN-Benefit Dinner for Savior
  72. Vote for pepsi to support pitbulls!
  73. In need of help
  74. American Kennel Club Announces New Grand Champion Title
  75. I want to show my dog
  76. Rabies shots 5/1/10
  77. New Pup
  78. No Bull! Blog Talk Radio Show
  79. Events in the NW Idaho area?
  80. Take Your Dog To Work Day: June 25
  81. looking for a weight pull in the southeast
  82. stlouisans
  83. What would happen if someone went to a show and didn't know anything about them?
  84. ATTS Upcoming Tests
  85. Club Iron Dog Weight Pull and Conformation Show
  86. AADR Club in Florida?
  87. No Bull Talk Radio~American Pit Bull Terriers - The Truths, Myths, and Behavior"
  88. How to start a club???
  89. Ohio American Bully/ APBT show Sept 2th!
  90. Aug 29th California ADBA Fun Show
  91. start a nyc club for apbts and american bullies
  92. Competitions/shows near LA?
  93. Age to start showing puppy in ukc conformation show
  94. AL: Puppaween 2010 Observing National Pit Bull Awareness Day
  95. National pit bull awareness campaign/day
  96. fayetteville, NC
  97. Weight Pull in Northern California
  98. 12/16/10 Fashion-a-bull Holiday Party Fundraiser
  99. dog shows?
  100. Should your dog be in a show if...
  101. weight pull
  102. Gameness/DA in the show ring?
  103. I'd like some suggestions!
  104. spay neuter vaccination fair
  105. Show dog questions
  106. pet a palooza las vegas
  107. APBA Sanctioned BULLY show and all breed weightpull on rails
  108. Learning to pull?
  109. HEY! Guys....
  110. IMPORTANT Need INFO Louisiana Show.Hide,Spring set ups,Sled, Did anyone purchase
  111. APBTA of BC Fun Show May 14, 2011
  112. the portland pitbull project-Bully Walk
  113. Kentucky Bulldoggers Association Show
  114. Show questions
  115. June 4
  116. B.C - Ready for ADBA show?
  117. A new ukc grand champion
  118. Treadmill Racing
  119. UK's Biggest Doggy Party and Fashion Show
  120. Best Dog Show
  121. Breaking a World Record with Pitt Bulls and Bullies alike!
  122. VA ADBA show
  123. Pit Bull Coffee Table Book! Be Part of the Change!! Maryland this weekend!
  124. Breakfast with Bullies: FREE K9 Nose Work (Arlington, VA)
  125. What is looked for in the dog?
  126. Edmonton Alberta-Pit Bulls For Life!
  127. ADBA Judges
  128. Some Show Questions
  129. Merced CA dog show april 7th & 8th
  130. OFRNR First National Dog Show & Treadmill Race. 6-9-12
  131. pitbull puppy in dog shows
  132. Northwest
  133. Heart of Dixie APBT Club (Alabama)
  134. Weight Pull Competition Show 2012
  135. Pulling Events in Louisiana?
  136. Terrier Derby and Fun Show, 9/15/12, Loomis CA
  137. any dog shows in fl?
  138. Does anything ever hapen in Nebraska?!
  139. Important info for TriStae Show this weekend!!!
  140. shows
  141. Pit Bull Awareness Day is October 27, 2012!
  142. gainesville fl
  143. Copper State Classic ABRA & OBBA show
  144. Fun Show & Weight Pull in MASSACHUSETTS
  145. Mid MO APBT Club Show
  146. 2013 ADBA National
  147. ADBA Opens Weight Pull TO All ADBA RegisteredBreeds
  148. Look What the AADR Has Planned For You!
  149. AKC Responsible Owner Days Events in September
  150. Photos from New England APBT Club in Westfield MA
  151. Where are 2014 STCA Nationals?
  152. Good dog handler Philadelphia Pa
  153. Does Anyone Have Any Info On This Dog??
  154. Paws on the Prairie (Dallas TX)
  155. Anyone? Alberta CKC Shows... Camrose, Edmonton, Red Deer
  156. AADR-All American Dog Registry(New Ownership)
  157. ADBA show things you should know?
  158. ADBA Show Tips!
  159. Looking for some Good Links to get people started in Agility?
  160. 2014 National Pit Bull Awareness Day announced!
  161. Old Family Red Nose Registry Conformation & Treadmill Race.
  162. Pitbull Show In Jakarta
  163. Using a Positive Approach When Judging
  164. Sioux Falls, SD - 5th Annual Poker Run
  165. Pit bull Adoption event - Mickey's Haven 4 Pit bulls
  166. Ending on a high note
  167. APA Kick off WP event in Cypress TX 1-24-15
  168. Curious About Conformation
  169. WP & Confo July 29-30. 2015 by Western Carolina APBTC
  170. Irondog Nationals November 14-15