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  1. The Stages of Canine Pregnacy (joke)
  2. Breeding License
  3. China: Pregnant or not.
  4. Are Black Dogs Discriminated Against?
  5. Preservation of the breed
  6. 'Cause I didn't get to respond re: breeding
  7. Is HA really DA in most cases?
  8. What breed of dog is this?
  9. New blog: Why do we need breeders?
  10. Bull Dog / "Pit Bull" ?
  11. how old should a dog be before breeding
  12. Puppies
  13. Points To Consider Before Breeding Your Dog
  14. Bloodlines?
  15. Hung Paper's?
  16. My dogs bloodline
  17. APBT breeders?
  18. Constructive Breeding
  19. Constructive Breeding II
  20. Using Color Type Selection
  21. Earl Tudor
  22. Breeder Code of Ethics
  23. Owners Code of Ethics
  24. Pit bull babies
  25. Where did you get your dog from?
  26. Canine Heritage DNA Test
  27. Going in to heat young
  28. So I did hte DNA test
  29. SBT, APBT or ABBB?
  30. Would you clone your dog if you could?
  31. colbys
  32. Gargoyle Bulldogs
  33. Do they have a test to check Pedrigree/Breed?
  34. Why this breed?
  35. Mastiff breed ID?
  36. Who can answer this question without looking it up?
  37. Do you think this dog is full blooded?
  38. Man biters by Gary J. Hammonds
  39. If DA could be bred out....
  40. Requiem for a breed by William Stewart
  41. Training and Socializing Puppies
  42. How many people do you think would still breed IF
  43. Maturing late?
  44. Breeders, Bloodlines and all that Jazz
  45. Bulldog, or bull and terrier ?
  46. What is the most money, you would pay for a dog?
  47. I've seen ads in the local papers saying "I sold my pups in three days"
  48. What if the sport of bull baiting had never been stopped?
  49. Watchdog line
  50. What makes a "Pit Bull" a "Pit Bull".... by the SF Animal Control
  51. Gotti's pedigree
  52. Blue dogs, why the color changes?
  53. How do you choose a puppy?
  54. Why Good Pit Bulls Go Bad?
  55. Is a big head a big deal?
  56. Could you recreate the APBT and improve upon it with different dogs?
  57. So just how important is conformation?
  58. Need help. Does this breeder seem alright?
  59. Is it ok to give puppies as Christmas presents?
  60. Are Pit Bulls more resistant to pain?
  61. The modern day relevance of game testing...
  62. Have you ever bred your APBT
  63. How should mothers be with puppies?
  64. How can we preserve the breed?
  65. Breeding - an investment ??
  66. Dog color = skin issues?
  67. How large are everyones' APBTs?
  68. Your dogs Momma- know her?
  69. What age is it to make it illegal when a puppy gets bought
  70. Which puppy would you choose?
  71. A well bred Pit Bull WOULDN"T
  72. A Well Bred Pit Bull WOULD or IS
  73. Do you believe in intelligence based on breed?
  74. Pit colors
  75. what are signs of an unstable pit bull?
  76. DNA Test...Blood or Salvia Swab?
  77. Plummer Terrier
  78. list of bad kennels?
  79. "Valhalla" Kennels of Arkansas
  80. Real Pit Bull or POS?
  81. Is this dog a purebred APBT or mixed
  82. Why Are Different Breeds Of Dogs Considered The Same Species?
  83. Fighter Anthony "Rumble" Johnson Startin A Bully Kennel...
  84. Please help identify this dog's breed
  85. The name "American bully"
  86. Take that, BYB PIG!
  87. Horrible, Horrible breed respresentative/"breeder"
  88. What age growth stop
  89. Pet Overpopulation? Prove it!
  90. do you think this is a pitbull
  91. Dear Oprah - Profiting From Puppymills, HSUS & Wayne Pacelle
  92. 6 Things You Should Not Do When You Have A New Puppy In The Home
  93. Where did you obtain your pit bull?
  94. Large, Black Dogs Go Unwanted
  95. The Hard Life
  96. The Fallout of Fad Breeding
  97. amstaff or pit bull
  98. Lotto's Getting Fixed- What's next?
  99. spayed dog in heat?
  100. Update: $9,037 raised for puppy mill dogs
  101. Why do people want to breed their dogs?
  102. Cloned sniffer dogs begin training
  103. What Breed?
  104. How do you check if papers are real/fake?
  105. breed for working or for fighting?
  106. i have a question about chest and rear hip sizes.
  107. Texas dog boarder, breeder testifies...Gary Hammonds
  108. breeding for color
  109. Amstaff's Noses
  110. I am NOT a breeder, BUT...
  111. age to breed dog
  112. Health Testing... Doesn't Mean Just a Yearly Vet Check
  113. Street Dogs
  114. OK so apparently my pit was bred badly because he shows signs of DA...
  115. What ??? Should Be Asked When Buying A Pup?
  116. "well my dog isn't of that temperment"
  117. Neutering...
  118. Are these dogs truely worth $2500?
  119. Would you pay this much for a pup?
  120. Question ????????????
  121. Struggling understanding HA, genetics, putting dog to sleep
  122. Genetics
  123. puppies
  124. why do people always ask what bloodline my dog is from when i go for a walk??
  125. For the members that believe is pure genetics, would you feel comfortable leaving
  126. Are You A Backyard Breeder?
  127. So, You Want To Breed Your Female?
  128. Recognizing An Unethical Breeder
  129. Lita had her puppies
  130. At What Age?
  131. Anybody done the DNA breed test?
  132. Anyone ever gotten the ADBA Pedigree Analysis?
  133. Common Backyard/Peddler bloodline names
  134. Bloodlines
  135. breeding age???
  136. kennel info
  137. breed registrys fault?breeders?whos to blame
  138. Ok all this talk about standard and registries
  139. How Does Showing An Apbt Actually Benefit The Breed?
  140. WA Breeders
  141. Thinking of opening a kennel in the future
  142. Pure Bred APBT's
  143. If you were a breeder....
  144. does anyone know were i can find old family red nose breeder ?
  145. Mutant/Monster Bully's
  146. Is it ok to....?
  147. Question for those with dogs from reputable breeders
  148. Is this normal for breeding?
  149. Art of Picking a Puppy
  150. what kind of female to breed my boy with gotti/razors edge?
  151. Any Reputable Pittie Breeders in Texas?
  152. Need to find Breeder named Paulie in '07 gazette. (jeep dogs)
  153. Choosing my first APBT pup
  154. Any reputable breeders in AZ?
  155. "PR" Pedigree Question...
  156. Family Breeeding and Other MOdels by Richard F. Stratton
  157. 20 points to breeding better dogs
  158. Founders Effect
  159. need help finding the right pup
  160. latest excitment !!
  161. still looking for a right breeder.
  162. typical size of 5mo pup?
  163. What do you think of this website?
  164. I think I found a breeder...
  165. breeding questions
  166. 1st litter.....
  167. Proves himself?
  168. question
  169. Please look at this .Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  170. biggerintexaskennels anyone heard of them
  171. What do you think of this kennel??
  172. What is the point, Someone please help
  173. Land of Giants
  174. Does this really sell?
  175. Mad Kennels
  176. Experienced Breeders Preferred
  177. Colby/Old Family Red Nose
  178. Kennel experience
  179. Carolina gamedogs
  180. Neuter,with no papers
  181. Continental Kennel Club
  182. Pit Bull breeders
  183. litter w/ a surprise...
  184. what defines someone being a puppy miller
  185. Is there any Toronto Breeders?
  186. This looks like a recipe for disaster.
  187. Health testing and the American pit bull terrier?
  188. APBT Breeders in MN?
  189. Research for a pup...
  190. APBT Breeders in PA?
  191. Interested In Breeding
  192. Breeding Stock
  193. looking for a knew puppy-what do you think of this lineage
  194. Is Carl Mims,Bona Fide reg.any good
  195. Reputable Breeder in MA
  196. Any one heard of this breeder?
  197. Becoming a breeder
  198. Breeders in or near Austin, TX
  199. What do you think about this breeder? Could you help me please.....
  200. Pedigree Help
  201. Tom Garner's way
  202. Another reason not to breed if your not a breeder
  203. WSK photos 4sale on youtube
  204. Check dis out
  205. If you arent a backyard breeder
  206. Has anyone heard of Caragan Kennels
  207. Whiteoakbiter Kennels
  208. New Pup Prospect
  209. Breeders in OH, KY, and IN
  210. The Seven Stage Apprenticeship For Breeders
  211. A visit to Tom Garners Yard
  212. what bloodline work's and crosses and what work's for you?
  213. Puppy Facts Database
  214. hi i have a ? for the breeders
  215. Breeder Help
  216. Worthy of breeding????
  217. Fell for the puppy but not the breeder
  218. Breedings?
  219. Culling?
  220. Legend Kennels
  221. Help
  222. If all goes well.....
  223. Pros & Cons of Inbreeding
  224. size
  225. Chinaman/Frisco Dogs
  226. Question about breeder/ dog papers
  227. looking for heinzl blood
  228. Sacramento
  229. Wanting to import a nice bitch to nz
  230. Help me make an informed decision...Please!
  231. Ofrn-whos got em?
  232. IRONMANPITS Kennel Discussion
  233. purple ribbon
  234. CH.Dynomite
  235. Teddy's Abraham? Teddy's Jade?
  236. Lets get this frisco thing straightend out!
  237. Trying to find Breeders responsible for these dogs
  238. Can any one here can help me im thinking of getting a dog from Tom Garner
  239. Traditional APBT Breeders
  240. Was your pup shipped to you?!
  241. Can anyone tell me who created Gangus Khan
  242. about this kennel
  243. Sean Bailey & ATL King Pits?
  244. 35 lbs and under pits
  245. What dog would it be
  246. hand writen peds or registered dogs
  247. Rapid Roy
  248. Gonna breed my dog need advice.
  249. Name this dog
  250. Bebe is going to be a mom
  251. Anyone knows any good breeder?
  252. A.W. McCool
  253. Colby
  254. dog mating
  255. Odin Breeder Discussion
  256. Are any of you breeders?
  257. Upcoming Breedings
  258. gettin back with the dogs
  259. Obvious mix
  260. Fact or Fiction: Question about Breeding/Pregnancy...
  261. English Bulldog Exposed (So Sad)
  262. Tight breed Chinamen,frisco
  263. Questions for Breeders
  264. Wee Willy Kennels ?
  265. inbred dogs bad or good
  266. Help Finding The Right APBT
  267. Breeders or dogs in your Pedigree
  268. opinions on this breeding
  269. Matrix?
  270. so how do you find real breeders?
  271. eu breeder
  272. is this a legit site?
  273. Pat Patrick Dogs
  274. Looking for Breeders.
  275. Dagger Dogs
  276. Responsible Breeders?
  277. my dog isis
  278. Cardiff Kennels
  279. Tom Garner Kennels
  280. Who do YOU think is a reputable breeder
  281. reputable breeder?
  282. Opinions on some kennels
  283. 1st breeding**PUPPIES** update
  284. Patterdale Terrier
  285. How much are red boy dogs going for in your area?
  286. Any Canadians with Tris?
  287. real deal chocolates kennel
  288. real deal chocolates kennel
  289. Texas Breeders
  290. researching breeders
  291. epbc
  292. Santa Fe Pit Bull Mexico
  293. my kennels site
  294. Time for our new baby...
  295. Any reputable apbt breeders in lower NY?
  296. Practical Genetics
  297. Wee Willy Kennels
  298. Breeders in BC
  299. When should I breed my dog?
  300. "Summit Pit Kennels"
  301. saskatchewan breeder
  302. hi i want to know about sporting dog registry
  303. CH. Buddy Lee
  304. working dog registeration
  305. Culling Pups
  306. Dream pup.
  307. Kennels In Charlotte
  308. OFRN Kennel Bryants Red Devil
  309. California/Arizona kennels?
  310. Dead Serious Kennels
  311. Kennel info
  312. Reputable APBT kennels around Oregon?
  313. old glory kennels
  314. tatonka kennels
  315. what is a good average weight for a gamedog/cacthdog
  316. any good breeders in mi?
  317. what do you think of my male i think he,s little for 9 mnths
  318. anyone have pics of some good 35-45 pounders
  319. taylorbredbulldogs
  320. What is a reputable breeder to you?
  321. Arkansas Kennel
  322. Victorino Dogs
  323. dog price
  324. need help finding breed(er)
  325. pitbull boss
  326. Lonzo bred dogs
  327. American pitbull terrier bloodlines
  328. Maverick dogs
  329. American bullys as american pitbull terrier
  331. looking for advice
  332. american pitbull terrier X american staffordshire terrier
  333. kennel thougts
  334. Dna
  335. Help find kennel
  336. thoughts on this kennel?
  337. kennel
  338. Adba blue American pitbull terrier
  339. What do you think about this breeder
  340. registering my dog
  341. Watchdog
  342. naturally reared?
  343. American freedom kennels(mike morgan)
  344. Check out my male, what do you think?
  345. RE: Dog's Day Kennel Discussion
  346. Good Breeders?
  347. Looking for the real apbt
  348. Might as well start here...
  349. Good Breeder
  350. Looking For a Dog With Simalar Characteristics
  351. Good or Bad?
  352. Does this seem like a good cross?
  353. hey new here. just want to ask a ?
  354. Any Traditional Shar Pei Breeders?
  355. Opinions?
  356. Looking for a brindle pup in Ohio
  357. Breeding paper dog with no paper dog
  358. Looking for the perfect Breeder for my claims
  359. Kennel Research
  360. Ever heard anything about these guys
  361. Reputable Breeder?
  362. A good black pit bull kennel in USA?
  363. Old family rednose from red devil kennels in Georgia
  364. Redboy Cottingham
  365. chinamam/maverick
  366. Merle and Breeding
  367. Breeders in Texas
  368. Honost question looking for honost anwser!!
  369. Responsible and ethical Breeders
  370. Are there anymore reputable breeders of game bred lines
  371. too sweet
  372. $2,000 dogs in shelters
  373. villa liberty dog
  374. what does dna vip mean
  375. lee pit bull kennel
  376. Breeders with Boudreaux, Carver or Mayfield dogs
  377. Good Breeder? BC
  378. breeders that produces quality
  379. A breeder is a breeder is... well, maybe not.
  380. What y'all think
  381. victorino's triple legit
  382. "A Responsible breeder will...
  383. Very excited for this to go down...
  384. Pit Bull ??? Bully???
  385. Searching for a Reputable APBT Breeder in the New York Area
  386. Wallers Freedom Kennels
  387. Online Pedigree Databases (such as apbt.online-pedigrees.com)
  388. BREEDERS BEWARE OF OPAL KENNELS, PAM KEY!!! Don't sell her a dog!!!!!
  389. Just showing off...
  390. the new "bad newz kennels"
  391. thought on a few breeders ..
  392. Looking J Mallory from Buckley, IL
  393. Breeders in Aus, nsw?
  394. Need your feedback please
  395. breeder
  396. Lester Hughes "Mountain Man"
  397. Wh happened with Tatonkas Ice Man??
  398. What do you think of these two breedings is better??
  399. What is your opinion on Tatonka Kennels?
  400. Stay Away From Red Dog Kennels
  401. Reputable Breeder Suggestions - East Coast, USA
  402. In breeding
  403. wildside kennels
  404. Good, bad, decent?
  405. sorrels
  406. ga pits?
  407. CONKLIN'S info
  408. Bully Kutta
  409. Anyone heard of Iron pride kennels in TN?
  410. "pull" dog breeder
  411. Brown's Nature Boy
  412. OFRN Kennels???
  413. oldglory kennel studs
  414. Northland Pits...
  415. Head is spinning, what happend to true APBT's
  416. inbreeding
  417. Tagging and hanging papers
  418. Tom Garner Kennels in 3 years?
  419. Need info
  420. Nashville and looking ABPT Kennel
  421. Dog Breeder: The New Mental Disorder
  422. Northland OFRN ..Good Choice?
  423. Semen tank.
  424. Introducing yourself to a breeder
  425. Canadian dogmen and bloodlines
  426. Nya, her previous owner said she's pure need apbt agree? Just looking for opinions
  427. Neither of my dogs killed a shelter dog
  428. DNA Smokescreen of Genetics
  429. The Surprising Economics Of Purchasing A Purebred Puppy
  430. Genetic Management of Dog Breed Populations
  431. Why You Need Population Genetics: the 'Elevator Pitch'
  432. The Pox of Popular Sires
  433. What Does Population Genetics Have To Do With Breeding Dogs?
  434. JEMS Kennel
  435. My Puppy Is Pregnant
  436. Linebreeding, Inbreeding, Outcrossing and Why
  437. Are You a Dog Breeder, or Are You Just Breeding Dogs?
  438. Aint a back yard breeder
  439. Looking for SAR dog and best friend
  440. Breeding Unproven Dogs
  441. Eli/Snooty
  442. The Myth of Kennel Blindness
  443. The Myth of Best to Best Explained
  444. breeding
  445. Team No Fear