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  1. The Blue Paul (Poll) Terrier
  2. Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  3. How A Lion Fight Caused England To Stop The Breeding Of Both Ring And Pit Bulldogs
  4. Dog Fighting is illegal in all 50 states
  5. Ancestors of the APBT? Images from museums & collections
  6. A History Of The Dublin Red Strain
  7. The Flynn Strain
  8. Old dog movies with APBT's
  9. Just wanted to share some old gamedog vids
  10. You don't see dogs like this often!
  11. For anyone unfamiliar with Sgt. Stubby
  12. Idaho History: Cockfighting and dog fighting were legal in the 1860s
  13. Buster Brown and Tige
  14. Some Old Family Red Nose History
  15. How a Lion Fight Caused England to stop the Breeding of Ring and Pit Bulldogs
  16. Invention of the Pit Bull Terrier